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Why velvet fabric are so popular?

Sculptured velvet is a type of patterned velvet fabric, a textile synonymous with lavishness and luxury. The material’s history of exclusivity came from its complicated weaving process. New technologies, however, have not shaken its reputation but only increased its popularity. This is how velvet has developed over the years.

The History of Velvet

The manufacturing of velvet has existed for thousands of years. There is evidence of hand-woven velvet production used by the Egyptians as early as 2000 B.C.. 

Additionally, as the industry grew, velvet manufacturing became highly regulated. Standards were set for the width of cloth, the dyes permitted, and the number of warp threads per centimetre. If the cloth was inferior to the criteria set, by law the material would have to be destroyed.

Velvet Fabric Production

Velvet is a dense three-dimensional pile fabric, consisting of ground, warp and silk pile. The pile threads give velvet fabrics the unique look and feel that a flat fabric simply does not have. Velvet alters in colour in response to changes in light. That’s just one reason people find it satisfying to run their hands across velvety materials.

Velvet fabric is produced using a special loom, which weaves the different yarns between two supports into a thick material. It is then split down the middle. This results in two mirrored pieces of fabric that have protruding threads. ZF fabric manufacturers products provide the ‘nap’ and the unique silky softness of velvet. 

Sculptured Velvet Fabrics

One type of velvet fabric is sculptured velvet. It is thought to have been developed in 17th century France. This material has a unique pattern of figured velvet, generally with a backing of chiffon or voile.

Modern Velvet Fabrics

Thanks to mass production and the invention of power looms, velvet, in all its forms, is much more widely available. It is also produced in a variety of mixed materials, such as rayon, cotton, and polyester, such as ZF sofa fabric suppliers products.

Embossed velvet upholstery fabric

This embossed fabric is made into various patterns by means of molds, Its greatest characteristic is the effect of relief. It can also achieve multi-color effects upholstery fabric through different combinations of technology.

Of course, the most luxurious of velvets are still made entirely of silk pile. As well as cut and devoré velvets, there are also many velvets with screen and digitally printed designs.

ZF upholstery fabric manufacturers also offer many embossed upholstery fabric, which with the boasting many beautifully rich coloured contemporary designs.

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