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Why choose Bamboo Baby Diapers

When you choose something for your little loved one, we know you will do it with a lot of concern , love, and attention.

With many questions come around your head, you concern- will it cause a rash? Will it keep him/her dry? 

Does it fit snugly ? 

And with options as many as there are today, parents are faced with many choices especially when it comes to choosing between ‘disposable and eco-friendly” Nappies. Lucikly, Here comes an option and – bamboo diapers!

Here are three reasons why you should switch to bamboo baby Nappies:

Bamboo Nappy is free of any harmful chemicals

Bamboo Nappy are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and free of any harmful chemical .

Since bamboo fiber is free of any harmful chemical and naturally antibacterial, it lowers the risk of your baby getting bacteria in active movement . 

With bamboo diapers, you can rest assured that the bamboo fabric material is as pure as possible- lowering the risk of rashes, irritations, and allergic reactions.

Bamboo Nappy absorb more liquid than cotton fabric

A diaper’s main purpose is to keep your little one dry and comfortable. In comparison to cotton fabric, bamboo diapers absorb and retain nearly twice the amount of liquid. So your baby stays drier for long!

Bamboo diapers are biodegradable 

Plastic diapers take about many centries to decompose- that is very long . Opting for bamboo baby diaper might seem like a better option, The wholpe of the Disposable bamboo diapers decompose around 60% in 75 days, which is an environmentaly eco-friendly alternative.

Thinking of finally making a switch to bamboo diapers? Get buying Eco Boom Diapers!

ECO BOOM is the professional baby diaper manufacturer in China, we are available in over 20 countries with more than 36 agents. We also warmly welcome you to be one of Eco Boom bamboo diapers distributors /dealers, if you are interested in our brand.

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