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Why bamboo toilet paper eco-friendly?

This is probably the most important benefit of bamboo and its toilet paper that has made it a household name, and the one that will get your attention the most after the health benefits above. Let’s take a quick look at some of the ways bamboo and its products are helping the environment.  

1.Bamboo is fast-growing and highly renewable: 

Bamboo is recorded in the Guinness book of records as the fastest growing plant in the world. It is also proven to have a maturation age of 7 years after which it can be cultivated above ground level. Unlike the wood that might not grow after being cut down, the bamboo will grow back in a short period.

This feature is important in the reduction of deforestation as bamboo is now used to replace wood pulp in paper production. Deforestation as it is known is one of the causes of the greenhouse effect and imbalance in the ecosystem. 1.81 million packets of wood pulp paper alone were consumed on Xiamen Airlines in 2017, and nearly 7000 ten-year-old trees were saved every year after all were replaced by environmentally friendly bamboo tissue. just imagine that wood tissue are used instead of about 50,000 rolls of bamboo tissue per day, then, we will have about 70,580 ten-year-old trees eliminated a year. You can’t just phantom its effect on the ecosystem.

2.Bamboo helps in the reduction of CO2 (carbon dioxide) and increment of O2 (Oxygen gas) in the atmosphere: 

Bamboo emits 35% more O2 and absorbs double the CO2 absorption rate of trees. This point was even more underscored by the proof of scientists in Japan and some other parts of the world that a hectare of the bamboo forest takes up 12 tons of CO2 every year. Without a doubt, this lesser quantity of CO2 helps in balancing the composition of the earth’s important atmosphere in keeping you and me safe.

3.Bamboo prevents land desertification and flood: 

Bamboo has a well-developed root system that effectively retains water and reduces the risk of flood and land desertification. Also, bamboos don’t have to be necessarily uprooted like trees. They are always cut above ground level as they will regenerate just like normal grass.With this, you’re assured of a safe environment as there won’t be any soil surface desertification and other downsides associated with the felling of trees.

4.Bamboo toilet paper is 100% biodegradable: 

Bamboo toilet paper returns to the soil without having any negative impact on the soil. Instead, it improves the soil as it’s not one of the methane-producing landfills. Also, this ability to disintegrate naturally over time (biodegradable) makes the bamboo toilet paper ideal for septic tank systems.

5.Bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly:

As has been emphasized, bamboo toilet paper is eco-friendly too. To maintain the eco-friendly feature of bamboo toilet paper, manufacturers and brands mostly employ environment-friendly packaging. With this, the land pollution and environmental effects caused by plastic packaging and felling of trees are immensely reduced.

ECO BOOM is an eco-friendly brand committing to reducing plastic waste and protecting biodiversity. ECO BOOM now has bamboo baby diapers, pants, wet wipes and toilet paper which all made from 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber. We are fully passionate and dedicated to producing 100% eco-friendly eco boom diapers and healthy bamboo toilet paper to continuously benefit you and our planet at large!

Also, being a bamboo diapers and bamboo toilet paper manufacturer, we maximize our wide range of resources towards satisfying local needs and export customized and customizable products to distributors worldwide. 

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