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The Industrial Rubber Mat – An Easy Way to Improve Employee Health and Productivity

What can a rubber mat do for your bottom line? A lot, as it turns out. Read on to discover how it can improve your employees’ health and even their productivity.

If you think this seems a big claim, think again. Remember the last time when you had a terrible headache or your back was bothering you? How productive were you on that day? Not very, I would think.

Well, your employees are no different. While you cannot prevent any and all headaches and other maladies, you definitely can do something that will reduce the days when they feel less than their best.

And the secret? Look for a industrial rubber mat. Or rather, look for industrial rubber mats. In order to cover them all, you’ll probably need a lot more than one, depending on the size of your facility.

And what kind should you get? In order to get the most out of your investment, get the best money can buy. You’ll know for sure that it will do the job.

Outdoor water drain anti-slip holes rubber mat for wet area

And those tend to be Ortho Mats. They are the softest mats around, and therefore increase the comfort of your employees. The mats insulate them from cold, heat, hard floors, and even vibration if that’s an issue where they’re working. That way, they make them feel a lot more comfortable — and prevent back, foot, ankle and leg pain. They also reduce spinal compression (that’s part of how they prevent back pain) and they increase circulation.

And with making your employees a lot more comfortable, these mats also improve their wellness, their morale, and their productivity.

Simple, isn’t it?

So where can you use an industrial rubber mat? Anywhere where employees have to stand for long periods of time. This means they’re not just for industrial facilities, but also for places like kitchens, hospitals and even retail stores.

You will find Ortho mats very user friendly, light weight and even easy to clean. And obviously, they can also be disinfected. They’re nonallergenic, and free of latex and silicone.

And if you’re worried about people tripping over your Ortho mats, not to worry. They all have safety bevels and any service carts will easily roll over those mats. If you use them in a restaurant, you won’t have to worry about them causing a spill.

Worried about slip and fall problems? Ortho mats are approved by the National Floor Safety Institute and their nonslip features have been tested and proven to be 40% better than those of any competing sponge mats. And their nonslip features work whether the industrial rubber mats are wet or dry.

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