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The benefits of baby diapers

Living paper industry is a big market, there are a lot of people participate in this market. 

With per capital disposable income sharply improving, people increase their demands for high-end living paper products. Napkin paper, toilet paper, women’ sanitary napkins, baby diapers, adult diapers,etc. 

In the field of household paper, paper diapers have the greatest market, because the popularity of the sanitary napkin rate have reached 99%, and diapers only less than 30% a year. Further more, there are nearly 10 million babies borned into anticipation a year. Althought diapers is the narrow channel products, it is the one of the key driver. 

Meanwhile, the user of adult diapers and other products are rising. Domestic diapers keeps the high growth rate of 60% per year, the growth rate of high-grade paper diapers reached 270%, so this market may contain 4 billion business opportunities.

 Chinese baby diapers annual consumption have more than 7.7 billion pieces. With China’s society aging, the domestic market of adult incontinence products is in the extended. Foreign market is the same.

ECO BOOM is an eco-friendly brand committing to making humans live healthy and are a professional baby diaper manufacturers and baby wipes supplier. We now have bamboo diapers,plant-based diapers, bamboo baby diapers,bamboo biodegradable diapers,bamboo pants, bamboo kitchen paper, bamboo baby wipes and bamboo toilet paper. By using 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber, ECO BOOM nappies are taking one small step to sustain the planet.

We believe a little change for the diaper would be a big change for the world. We believe that babies are the future of the world, in addition to life, the best gift we can give is to provide them a healthier growth environment, a greener planet. We’re not perfect, but ECO BOOM diaper manufacturer work hard every day to bring everyone premium products while reducing plastic waste.

As we are also a bamboo diapers manufacturer and supplier, we welcome bulk order inquiries. We also warmly welcome you to be one of Eco Boom diapers distributors and dealers, if you are interested in our brand.

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