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Plant-Based, Biodegradable and Save the Planet

With a name like ECO BOOM, you’ll want these bamboo baby diapers to be good for the environment. At the very least, choosing sustainable products has never been more important if we are to protect the world for future generations.

Not surprisingly, most disposable baby diapers are a huge contributor to landfills. Most are mostly made of plastic, and we all know how long this horrific, non-renewable material will last — at least a few hundred years, if not longer.

ECO BOOM is just one of many brands that are changing the game when it comes to earth-hugging baby products. So what makes them so great? Should you buy it for your baby?

What are Eco Boom diapers made of?

The Eco Boom diaper features a fully biodegradable 100% bamboo fiber top and backsheet. The superabsorbent core is composed of FSC certified chlorine-free wood pulp and traditional SAP. Essentially, SAP is what makes diapers absorb water. Unfortunately, it’s always made of plastic, but scientists are working on a biodegradable 

What ingredients do Eco Boom diapers contain?

It’s equally important to know what ingredients your diapers don’t contain. We want diapers to be as natural as possible, free of harmful toxins or chemicals. So what should we try to avoid?

Eco Boom diapers do not contain:


Dyes and Inks




Are Eco Boom diapers biodegradable?

Most of the ingredients in EcoBoom diapers are biodegradable, although we don’t give specific percentages. All eco-friendly diapers have a bit of plastic. You’ll find superabsorbent polymer in all diapers because it wicks away moisture. This is always made of plastic, but hopefully there will be some eco-friendly alternatives in the future.

As ECO BOOM is also a wholesale diapers suppliers, we welcome bulk order inquiries. We also warmly welcome you to be one of ECOBOOM bamboo diapers distributors and dealers, if you are interested in our brand.

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