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Looking for ECO BOOM worldwid distributors

ECO BOOM is an eco-friendly brand committing to making humans live healthy and are a professional diaper manufacturer and baby wipes supplier. We are specialized in bamboo diapers,plant-based diapers, bamboo baby diapers,bamboo biodegradable diapers,bamboo pants, bamboo kitchen paper, bamboo baby wipes and bamboo toilet paper. By using 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber, ECO BOOM nappies are taking one small step to sustain the planet. We support OEM/ODM and now are looking for our ECO BOOM brand distributor around the world.

ECO BOOM hits all over the world! Brand Agent We have exported our ECO BOOM Diapers to many countries, you can buy our products in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Norway, Ireland, Belgium, Philippines, Canada, Chile, Bolivia, India, Guatemala, Cambodia, Singapore, Kuwait, UAE, etc.

ECO BOOM Brand Support

1. 10% off agent discount compared to private label order.

2. No any mould fee&deposit while private label costs over $25000.

3. Promotion materials(video, catalog&sample card) will be provided.

4. Available on USA Amazon since 2017 with highest biodegradable rate so far.

5. Can even start with 1 pack. Ready to ship right after payment while private label takes 45 days.

6. Such as FSC / OEKO-TEX / OK biobased which are issued by internationally renowned institutions.

7. New bio-term like dry wipes and adult diaper will come soon this year.

8. We have a team specialized in Amazon and eBay to provide online store set up and operation support.

Welcome to Be Eco Boom’s Partner, guide more people to use bamboo diapers and do something green for the environment. We believe a little change for the diaper would be a big change for the world. We believe that babies are the future of the world, in addition to life, the best gift we can give is to provide them a healthier growth environment, a greener planet. We’re not perfect, but ECO BOOM diaper manufacturer work hard every day to bring everyone premium products while reducing plastic waste.

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