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How to use baby diapers healthfully?

 As the change of younger parents comsumption ideas and the people who are borned in 1980s have got into the high period of giving birth to babies, the phenomenon of “baby boom” is coming. As one of the daily consumer goods, baby diapers is bond to develop into a potential huge market.

 As we can see in the baby supplier stores and huge supermarkets,baby diapers has almost taken up a half and become the one of necessary goods after baby milk. As we known, the brand of baby diapers made in China are ECO BOOM, etc.

Traditional diapers VS ECO BOOM diapers

 Influented by traditional theory, most people think that traditional diapers is better than baby diapers because of its great breathability,moisture absorption and not easy to cause rash.

However,human progress is reflect on the science and technology,such as baby diapers, sanitary pads,etc.These goods are great convenient and provide more advanced security to people.

It is understood that at present,baby diapers has spread around developed countries. 

In United Kingdom,more than 90% babies use the disposable baby diapers. Besides,80% babies use the disposable baby diapers in United States.In contrast,there still has lower penetration in China.

Some experts said that Chinese parents should take a sciencific analysis for the traditional diapers theory and re-examine its validity.

 Due to the inconvenient and unhealthy of traditional diapers,disposable diapers is producing.For recent years,it’s satisfied freshmen partents for its convenient in carrying, no washing and changing.

With the continuous improvement of production processes,disposable baby diapers have many advanced features, Leak guard/Leg cuff,Cotton dry surface,Breathable backsheet,

Magic/Velcro tape,Green ADL,Wetness indicator and so on. All of these features is unmatched to traditional diapers.

ECO BOOM is an eco-friendly brand committing to making humans live healthy and are a professional baby diaper manufacturer and baby wipes supplier. We now have bamboo diapers,plant-based diapers, bamboo baby diapers,bamboo biodegradable diapers,bamboo pants, bamboo kitchen paper, bamboo baby wipes and bamboo toilet paper. By using 100% biodegradable bamboo fiber, ECO BOOM nappies are taking one small step to sustain the planet. 

If you are interested in baby diapers,welcome to visit our website: www.iecoboom.com

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