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Eco-Friendly Disposable Bamboo Diapers Do Exist

Some people can’t handle reusable diapers, and I can’t blame them. The reality of having to wash diapers by hand is a terrifying process. If you’re a earth-loving parent looking for the next best thing in cloth diapers that don’t involve cleaning literal trash every day, then eco-friendly disposable diapers can save the day.  

What are the best biodegradable diapers?

The best way to make a biodegradable diaper is different for everyone, which is great; Everyone has their own idea of how diapers work.  

I think the best eco-friendly disposable bamboo diapers would be ECO BOOM

Eco Boom Diapers

Made from 100% bamboo fiber, it ensures to leave no environmental impact on the earth.

The biodegradable diaper boasts it’s chemical-free.

Which means no chlorine, phthalates, or anything else that might harm your baby.

The hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities make it great for a baby that has sensitive skin.

Not only is it great for there skin, but the diapers are durable and absorbent.

To make it better, they use a natural aloe oil to protect and nourish your babies bum.

Eco Boom Bamboo Diapers Key Features

Made from bamboo


84-108 diaper count

Three sizes to choose from

How long does it take for biodegradable nappies to decompose?  

There seems to be some gray area about how long it takes biodegradable diapers to decompose, mainly because they end up in landfills. Landfills because they are usually thrown into trash cans and sent to landfills. As a result, you can find that they can take up to 50 years to decompose or decompose.  


You might think, what’s the point of that?  


Well, first of all, it’s a lot better than having most disposable diapers around fot for 500 years.  

We believe a little change for the diaper would be a big change for the world. We believe that babies are the future of the world, in addition to life, the best gift we can give is to provide them a healthier growth environment, a greener planet. We’re not perfect, but ECO BOOM diaper manufacturer work hard every day to bring everyone premium products while reducing plastic waste.

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