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ECO BOOM EB IP image is officially online!

ECO BOOM‘s EB IP image is officially online!

EB is a cute firefly. As the IP image of our own brand ECO BOOM, EB is not only passionate & innocent & intelligent, but also match our concept ( By providing biodegradable products, ECO BOOM is making people live a more eco-friendly and fashionable life ). In the future, cute EB will grow up with us and protect our earth together.

Design concept:widely used, strong recognition, sustainable EB has a cute image with bright colors. It has been very popular since its launch. In addition to being used in websites, e-commerce platforms, product packaging and other scenarios, it will also be developed into emoji, figures, keychain and other small gifts that can accompany with you.

The yellow fluorescence emitted from the tail is used as a visual highlight, which makes the image of EB more vivid, attractive and impressive.

Firefly is a significant species of the ecological environment, and it has extremely high requirements on the growth environment. Choosing firefly as our IP image also shows that ECO BOOM is different from other non-environmentally friendly brands. Eco Boom nappies pursues sustainable development, and we try our best to protect the environment.

Image setting:kind, genuine, brave and tenacious firefly 

EB is a little firefly from 21° north latitude (Tropical Rainforest in Xishuangbanna, China). It lives freely in the tropical rainforest nature reserve. It has a bright heart like an angel. There is full of laughter when it appears.

It prefers to stay in a place with lush vegetation, clean water and fresh air, and doesn’t like the dazzling and gorgeous lights of city, which will affect signal transmission between it and its friends. Unfortunately, environmental pollution has also spread to this pure land.

In order to defend its homeland, EB began to fight against the dark forces who destroyed the environment.

Xishuangbanna: beautiful home of tropical fauna and plants 

Xishuangbanna is the most well-preserved area of tropical ecosystems in China, known as the “plant kingdom”, “animal kingdom”, “biological gene bank”, “an emerald on the crown of the plant kingdom” , etc. It owns the only tropical rainforest nature reserve in China. 

Creation Process: the birth of EB 

The members of Innovation and creativity Center started the preparatory work from the end of November 2021, and produced nearly 70 plans for the two-dimensional of main image. Through repeated discussions and revisions, the final version was finalized, and the lovely EB was officially launched.

Image Extension: the diversity of cute EB 

The emoji series of cute EB have been launched in our WeChat group. In the future, stickers, notebooks, badges, dolls, pillows, keychains and other gifts will be produced. Join us, then you can own them, too.

Original aspiration is unchangeable: protect our homeland with a single spark 

ECO BOOM created to provide each consumer with a more natural and healthier lifestyle. May each child has a childhood shining like a firefly; may each partner who joins ECO BOOM is engaged by love

A single spark can start a prairie fire. A small firefly has huge energy. ECO BOOM encourages everyone to participate in the protection of environment, and protect our homeland with a single spark.

ECO BOOM is so excited to bring our sustainable and biodegradable series to you! When you purchase eco boom diapers, you get to help us create a ripple of hope for our precious planet. Through our brand influence, we believe ECO BOOM can spread the concept of environmental protection more widely. There is no planet B! Join us!

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