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Application of agriculture non woven fabric

Agriculture non woven fabric is a new type of agricultural environmental protection material, which is a blessing to farmers. In recent years, non-woven bagging has become more and more widely used in fruit cultivation. Among them, banana bagging in the Philippines, Central America and grape bagging in Xinjiang are particularly common.


Agriculture non woven fabric packaging bags are usually white or white and blue. The non-woven fabric is environmentally friendly and degradable, and has the characteristics of good waterproof, breathable, bird-proof, insect-proof, antibacterial, light transmission and environmental protection. According to the water vapor molecular diameter of 0.0004 microns, when the diameter of rain is the smallest, the diameter of fine mist is 20 microns, and the diameter of drizzle is as high as 400 microns. So it is waterproof and breathable. Since rainwater cannot corrode, it can greatly reduce the extent of disease.


What are the benefits of agriculture non woven fabric packaging bags?


1. The non-woven fabric is soft, odorless, white, non-polluting, lighter than paper bags, waterproof and stronger than plastic bags. It can withstand wind and rain without scratching the fruit. Has good breathability and moisture permeability. It promotes the growth of bananas and is the best choice for green environmental protection.


2. Non-woven fabric is an environmentally friendly product. No environmental pollution will not affect the growth of fruit tree roots and nutrient absorption. It is the only material that can be directly contacted without touching the peel surface.


3. Agriculture non woven fabric packaging bags has good toughness, which can reduce bird and insect damage, and has stronger hardness and air permeability, making it more effective in preventing diseases and insect pests, separating pesticides and insect eggs, Prevents the spread of bacteria, infection and fruit damage and prevents birds, pests, bats, etc. from harming the fruit, and prevents harmful substances in the air and acid rain from contaminating the fruit surface.


Fourth, the special bagging for fruit is transparent, because the bagging is translucent, so you can see the maturity and disease of the fruit.


5. Fruits in agriculture non woven fabric bags can effectively improve the microenvironment of banana growth. Due to good breathability, there is little temperature and humidity change inside the fruit bag, and extremes of temperature and humidity persist for a short period of time. Young fruit can grow well and improve the brightness and color of the fruit surface, make the fruit’s dots smaller and lighter, increase the waxy skin, increase the juice, the pulp becomes more tender, and improve the commodity rate.


6. The use of agriculture non woven fabric bags can make the fruit ripening period 3-7 days earlier, which greatly improves the economic benefits of fruit farmers.


7. Agriculture non woven fabric bags can reduce friction between fruits and other substances, destroy the surface of fruits, reduce the number of spraying, avoid contact between pesticides and fruits, reduce pesticide residues, and produce high-quality fruits that meet pollution standards – green food standards.


Non-woven fruit bagging combines the advantages of non-woven, paper bags and plastic bags. The bag has anti-aging function, uniform cloth surface, good tensile force and good toughness. It can be sealed with single or double line glue, and the joint is firm. The color of the glue can also be freely selected according to customer requirements. Also, if there are special needs, zippers, drawstrings and other elements can be added to the open end of the bag for easy access.


Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, waterproof and breathable, insect-proof, bird-proof, antibacterial, light-transmitting, improving yield, non-woven fruit bagging is the best choice for growers!

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