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10 Tips to Ordering Kitchen Cabinets Online

1. Choose an established kitchen cabinet supplier

Look for a supplier that’s been around for some time. An established supplier will have years of experience and have gained plenty of valuable information about kitchen cabinets and kitchen design. That will make it easy for them to give you advice when it comes to choosing the right cabinets for your home.

Also, a custom kitchen cabinet supplier that’s been around for some time means the business is likely to be stable and enjoys a good track record. So you won’t have to worry too much about being scammed into buying poor quality products.

2. Check the company’s quality control system and manufacturing capabilities

Find suppliers who actually make kitchen cabinets. Quality suppliers should be able to consistently produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations. The only reliable way to check a supplier’s capabilities is to visit the production facility in person or through a third-party agent. Reputable suppliers will allow you to verify claims by visiting or auditing their facilities.  

3. Choose companies with good aesthetic design and provide customized services.

Do you want a unique design for your kitchen cabinets? Do you see great designs in the company’s online gallery? Or just plain, boring designs? It’s important to take a look at the manufacturer’s process in measurement and design. Kitchen cabinets that are built from scratch require 2D and 3D conceptual drawings and a mockup to confirm design details. Send your detailed kitchen floor plan to your manufacturer or supplier along with other specifications. Expect multiple revisions in this stage as you learn about kitchen design and the limitations of your space and your existing home design. The manufacturer should work with you to achieve the customization that you require.

4. Supplier should have ongoing project support

Does the kitchen cabinets manufacturer have a representative to assist you throughout the purchase process? It’s not very pleasant to have to talk to different people in a company just to deliver the same message over and over again. It’s best to have an account manager to take care of all your problems and make sure you get what you need.  

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5. Supplier is accountable for quality issues

What happens if you encounter a problem about product quality? Look for a good supplier that will take responsibility for the quality issue and acknowledge the problem at hand. It will then work immediately to correct the problem. Don’t do business with a company that dismisses your complaints and blames something or someone else when confronted with problems.

To prevent future quality issues, it should implement stricter quality controls in its production processes.

6. Communication with supplier is easy

Choose to work with a supplier that’s easy to do business with, one that values open communication. You get to avoid many problems when you do business with a supplier that knows how to communicate effectively.

It’s not just their ability to understand and speak English well that makes them effective communicators. Although that would definitely make things a lot easier.

The best suppliers regularly update you on the status of your kitchen cabinet project. They tell you immediately when a problem arises and has a plan of action ready to address the problem. They welcome your questions and answer them truthfully. They also welcome your suggestions and consider them carefully. They reply quickly and you don’t have to follow-up numerous times just so you can have a reply to your questions or concerns.

7. Good customer reviews and feedback

You learn a lot about a company through what customers say about them.

Find companies with consistently good reviews about the quality of their products and the quality of their customer service. You’d want to do business with a company that makes quality kitchen cabinets and that also treats its customers well.

8. Compare cabinet prices to reduce your remodeling costs

To get the best quality and price for your kitchen remodelling project, get quotes from different online sellers. Compare the same cabinets from different sellers to see if the quality is the same, and to find out what company will give you the best price.

Don’t automatically choose the company that offers the lowest-priced cabinets. Factor in the company’s quality of products and its level of customer service. If you choose the cheapest cabinets and they turn out to be poorly constructed sub-par materials, you’ll end up spending again for new and better cabinets. You may consider Y&r Furniture.

9. Shop kitchen cabinets at your convenience

Convenience is the main reason why people choose to buy kitchen cabinets online. Make sure your chosen kitchen cabinet supplier gives you a great online buying experience.

To maximize your online shopping convenience, make sure to:

Shop at your own convenient pace and time, likely at home when you’re taking a break.

Instantly look through thousands of photos of real kitchens and kitchen cabinets.

Communicate with your kitchen designer by phone or email, or using a website’s chat function.

Consider your options thoroughly, and take time to choose the cabinet features that you need.

Choose from carefully selected style and finish combinations

10. Get expert advice from a kitchen designer

Don’t rush to buy. Because they will last a long time, kitchen cabinets are an important investment. Get advice from a professional kitchen designer to make sure you get what you need.  

Your kitchen designer is critical to your kitchen renovation’s success. He or she has to make sure that your ideas are translated as accurately as possible into your unique kitchen design.

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